In the process of conveying materials by the belt conveyor, if the residual attached materials enter the roller or roller bearing seat, the bearing wear will be accelerated, the materials adhered to the surface of the roller or roller will tear and roughen the surface glue of the conveyor belt, thus accelerating the wear and destruction of the conveyor belt.  If materials adhere to and agglomerate on the surface of the reversing drum or the vertical tensioning drum at the tail of the belt conveyor, the belt will deviate, increase the wear of the belt, and even tear the rubber coating of the drum, causing serious consequences.  If the cleaning device is effective, the service life of idler, conveyor belt, roller, etc. can be prolonged.  Therefore, the cleaning ability of sweeper plays an important role in improving the operation efficiency and reliability of belt conveyor, reducing equipment failure rate and maintenance cost.  An effective cleaning system can clean the adhesion on the surface of the roller and the bottom surface of the conveyor belt, and has the functions of preventing the conveyor belt from deviating, prolonging the service life of the conveyor belt and accessories, preventing accidents and the like.  It is a necessary accessory for belt conveyor.  Sweeper is the main accessory of belt conveyor widely used in steel, mine, wharf, power plant and other industries.
1. Scraper is made of imported polyurethane composite material with low friction coefficient, large extensibility and good wear resistance.
2. It has strong anti-corrosion and anti-fracture functions and good safety performance.
3. Upright buffer spring set under the knife seat can ensure good contact with the belt and scraping effect.
Installation location:
The belt is installed at the flat work place under the conveyor head and is used together with the first sweeper to effectively remove the adhesive material remaining on the belt and make it fall into the head hopper.  The scraper surface is flattened into a plane, under the action of the buffer spring group under the cutter holder, the scraper can be ensured to keep good contact with the belt, the scraping effect of the belt is good, and the belt is not damaged.  It can also be used for reverse running belts.
Performance Comparison with Other sweeper:
Traditional belt conveyor sweeper is ubiquitous:
1, scraper wear is bigger, need regular replacement of accessories, accessories;
2, belt cleaning effect is not good, the material is not clean;
3. sweeper is easy to loosen and sweeper will roll over.
4. Damaged belt.
Installation requirements and integrity standards of sweeper:
1, scraper cleaning surface should be in contact with the tape, after the contact cleaning coverage area should not be less than 85% of the belt width;  The width of 800mm belt conveyor shall be no less than 680mm, the width of 1000mm belt conveyor shall be no less than 850mm, and the width of 1200mm belt conveyor shall be no less than 1020 mm.
2, cleaning medium (strip) thickness should be not less than 10mm, out of the fixed frame part height is not less than 20mm, fixed frame cannot wear belt surface in the process of belt operation.
3. For belt conveyors that use triple rollers as bottom rollers, one set of rollers in the middle and one set of rollers in the front and rear of the tail sweeper should be replaced with straight rollers to ensure the belt surface level, the contact area between sweeper and the belt and the cleaning effect.
4, found that sweeper card into stones and iron wire should be cleaned in time, to avoid damage to the belt.

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