The quality of CYNEW Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper has been r

      Conveyor belts are required in concrete mixing stations, cement mines, mineral smelting, and power plants. The material conveyed by the conveyor belt usually has viscous materials such as coal dust, mud and the like. Some viscous materials will stick to the working surface of the conveyor belt during the conveying process and cannot be removed during unloading. If the adhesive is not cleaned in time, the more sticky it is, the more adhesive it will be. The result is increased wear of the conveyor belt and shortened the service life of the conveyor belt. When our company promoted its business in Hunan, the customer faced the new product of Changyi Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper, and the cleaning effect of the polyurethane cleaner scraper was not at ease.

       In the local area, the adhesives on the conveyor belt are handled, and some are artificial. Artificially clearing the attachment of the conveyor belt, on the one hand, the cleaning effect is not ideal, on the other hand, it is prone to personal injury and death. After Hunan customers weighed the pros and cons, we finally chose to cooperate with our company to purchase Changyi Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper.
        After purchasing the Changyi Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper, Hunan customers saw the effect: the problem of belt cleaning was solved and the service life of the belt was extended. The polyurethane cleaner scraper produced by Changyi has very strong wear resistance, and most Hunan customers can use it for more than one year.
          Because the quality of Changyi Polyurethane Cleaner Scraper has been recognized by Hunan customers, the company's business is in full swing in the local area.

          Dongguan Changyi New Materials Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of “customer first”, insists on using new raw materials, and serves customers with high quality polyurethane cleaner scraper products.

          The company has consistently adhered to the principle of “quality first”, and has strictly controlled a series of processes such as raw material procurement, scientific formula and production, and strives to use the polyurethane cleaner scraper to impress the end user. We treat each and every friend with the most sincere enthusiasm, and provide each customer with the best quality products. We warmly look forward to the cooperation of friends from all walks of life. Tel: 400-833-9008

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