Core values - honesty is really not bivalent
"Honesty" that is sincere, sincerity, sincerity; "letter" that is, trust, credit, reputation.
Depending on the integrity of conduct, responsibility, reputation and resources, to strengthen the heart of this repair to the letter solid Kilda world.
"True" is pure, true, sincere. Gold goods and character were pure, genuine, fair without bullying, really customer service, and truly enhance the taste.
Service concept - good service every customer
Good service is not difficult to a customer, good service every customer is not simple. Ai Deer to all-round, personalized, professional products and family-like warmth of service, so that more customers consciously enjoy the service of Ai Dier, personal experience of happiness and satisfaction.
Business philosophy - integrity to win the future
People do not stand without confidence, enterprise unbelief. Will keep the integrity of the tree, the integrity of the wind tree, personally, in good faith to win the hearts and win customers, win market and win a better future!
Management philosophy - a rule of virtue
Adhere to the rules of the achievements of radius, the responsibility is heavy;

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